What Is An Emcee, Exactly?

Jilliana Jean-Charles
Photo by: Producer


Master of Ceremonies is often abbreviated as "MC", or "Emcee", referring to the head person in charge of speaking throughout an event. Emcees help elevate the atmosphere of your event with their professionalism. 

Emcees introduce all event speakers to the audience, guide the audience on when and how to participate; for instance, cue the audience on when to give applause. The Emcee also helps guests network with one another, and warms the audience up to have a positive event. Ultimately the Emcee keeps the audience informed of the focus of the event


The role and title of a Master of Ceremonies may change based on the event. Masters of Ceremonies appear in the entertainment industry, including; on game shows, in music culture, in the corporate world, during cultural events, in weddings, and more! 

Other titles used to reference Emcees include; "TV Host", "Talk Show Host", "Moderator", "Announcer", "Microphone Controller", "Event Host", "Broadcaster", "Bingo Caller", "Entertainer", "Disc Jockey (DJ)", "Mobile Disc Jockey (Mobile DJ)", "Public Address Announcer (PA Announcer)", "Track Announcer", and still more.


Having a Master of Ceremonies for events affords you a sigh of relief, since this creative professional will be responsible over executing the agenda during the event; particularly if a guest speaker or performer does not show up, or is delayed, and someone must step in to fill the gap. Professional Emcees know to be prepared for anything, and a good Master of Ceremonies will keep your event going without a hitch! Book your professional emcee, Jilliana Jean-Charles, at The Bash today!